SCRABBLE 2.6 is a very popular game. It's very entertaining
The product is discontinued by the developer
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SCRABBLE 2.6 is a very popular word game. You will have to join letters and get words. The largest the words are the most points you will get. Each letter will have a number on it that will indicate the number of points you will get by getting that word. This game is very funny and entertaining. SCRABBLE 2.6 has got different modes to play. On the game's main screen, you will have many options. There is an "instructions" menu that will teach you how to play. This game is addicted, you will be playing it for a long time and you will get an amusing time. It is as educational as funny and entertaining. Something cool about this version, is that you have a dictionary on the program. If you or any player has any doubt about the existence or meaning of a word, you will be able to look it up on the Scrabble's dictionary and clear all of your doubts. You can play against the computer or with other people. You will get an amount of points for each word you complete and you will be able to save your scores. The game has got a friendly interface and a chilling music and sound.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It's very entertaining
  • It is easy to play
  • It comes with a dictionary


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